Friday, April 29, 2011

Canucks Move on to the Second Round

Yes folks, we did it.  We finally defeat the mortal enemy..  the demons..  the ones that have been the biggest thorn in Canucks playoff history..  the dreaded Chicago Blackhawks.  After being knocked out of the playoffs for 2 straight years by this Hawks team, beating them in Game 7 in overtime seemed to have lifted the biggest weight off our city's shoulders.  It wasn't easy, in fact it was damned near impossible.  The demons that have lingered kept coming back, the Hawks kept coming back.  With the Canucks leading the series 3 game to 0, it was a sure bet that the Hawks could never mount a comeback to take the series to 7 games.  I was wrong. We were all wrong.  The Hawks beat us handily in 3 straight games to force a game 7 and it seemed all hope was lost.  They not only took us to 7 games, but they also tied up the game with 2 minutes left to take us right into sudden death overtime. Oh what was it gonna take to get rid of these guys!??  The answer was Burrows.  He was all over the ice during this game.  He could have been the hero or he could have been the goat.  But in the end, an amazing puck block by Burrows' hand off a clearing attempt brought him into a breakaway towards the Hawks' tender.  One slapshot was all it took and the whole city erupted.  Canucks win.  ...finally.   "It's a wonderful day for an exorcism" called out by Jim Hughson, and that's exactly how I felt.  The demons have been exorcised.  Now we can move on.  This was the most exciting, the biggest rollercoaster ride I've ever been on.  This series will forever be remembered.  AND it's only round 1!!
Riding my bike proudly waving my Canucks flag through Central Park

Now can you imagine if we win the cup this year?

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