Monday, April 18, 2011

Back On The Saddle!

After 3 long tormenting weeks of being off my bike due to a badly sprained ankle, I was finally able to ride again yesterday.  A beautiful Sunday day was perfect.  A not-quite healed ankle would not keep me away.  With my brace fully supporting my ankle from twisting, I was able to fit it into my shoe and ride away.  I had to replace the clipless pedals with regular platform ones as riding clipless with a bad ankle would have been a bad idea.
The ride was a simple ride, probably no more than 20kms, but it was just right.  I've been feeling cooped up and depressed the past 3 weeks and I couldn't believe how much a simple little bike ride got my spirits up immediately.  I've said it before and I'll say it again,  biking is one of the best forms of medicine out there.  If you are depressed, stressed, edgy, road raged, out of shape, tubby.,  go for a bike ride.  See how it works for you.  I'm willing to bet it can only make you feel better.

This bike ride was also the first time I was able to test out my singlespeed bike that I've been building up through the winter.  It is my old Kuwahara ATB from the 80's.  My very first mountain bike as a kid.  I will write up more about it on a later blog.  I must say it rode beautifully.  And I now have so much more respect for the singlespeed / fixed gear aficionados out there.  Riding up hills is extremely challenging as witnessed by this video I've posted up.  No need to laugh at the part when I was climbing a steep hill,  I've already done the laughing for you.

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