Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Broken Ribs

Ok, maybe just 1.  Here we go again, another injury to deal with.
Nearly 4 weeks ago, I had fallen off my bike due to being extremely careless and for lack of a better word, being stupid.  I fell off my bike and my ribs fell right on the butt end of my handlebar.  I didn't feel a thing during the fall other than a slight bruising pain.  I felt very little until about 2 days afterwards.  The pain became more evident after a skiing faceplant I had done 2 days after my bike fall.  Being as stubborn as I am when it comes to my health, I just shrugged it off as a bruised rib and that the pain will soon go away.  Fast forward 3 and a half weeks later, the pain and discomfort is still there.  Now I am thinking for sure I did some damage.  So off to the walk-in clinic I go, got a referral to have some X-rays done and went straight to the x-ray lab immediately after the clinic.  After a week of waiting, I finally got my results today.  Fractured rib is the diagnosis!  Yay!  :( boo .
The good news is that it was only a small fracture and that throughout this whole time it has already been healing.  What I am feeling now, as the doc says, is just soft tissue injury.  It shouldn't be too long til I am completely healed.  Oh, and his last words of advice.. "just take it easy".  'k doc, I'll try. :D
For those interested in actually seeing how I managed to fracture a rib, I actually caught it on video!!  Here it is on Youtube .

Do you now see how stupid that was?  I still can't believe that a little fall like that could cause a fractured rib. But hey it was still fun and funny!  I'll be fine mom. :P