Sunday, April 1, 2018

From Trash to Treasure - The Frog Bike Experiment

Save your old bikes and turn them into something wonderful. 
This is my bicycle build from a yardsale / scrapyard rescue to one of the best bikes I've ever built.  A lot of work was done on this bike to turn it into the best bike for my intended purpose.  This bike does it all, from commuting to work and back or to travel around the world!
1993 Rocky Mountain Fusion frame.  Tange cromoly, triple butted,. extremely lightweight for an all steel frame.  All Deore LX or XT groupset, some NOS.   Mavic SUP 121 Ceramic hoop with DT Swiss spokes, NOS XT hubs.  Schwalbe Marathons.

Here's a video of the build that I am sure you will enjoy.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mountain Biking the South Surrey Bike Park.

Early March and we get a break in the cold, wet winter we've been having.  It was 15 degrees celsius out today and not a cloud in the sky.  No better way to spend the day than riding bicycles!

"The South Surrey Bike Park is hugely diverse with trails, dirt jumps, obstacles and training areas for all skill levels. The bike park is part of the vast Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Park with serene trails through unique forests, inhabited by diverse animal and plant life.
The South Surrey Mountain Bike Park is located in the forested area west of the South Surrey Athletic Park near Softball City. It lies between 20th and 24th Avenues and is west of 148th Street. You will see a tall concrete water tower and a metal cell phone tower. The park is in that general area. Plenty of paved parking is available near the site."

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

When Motorbikes Are Put Away, Pedal Bikes Come Out To Play

It's been a while since I've posted cycling content on this blog.  Well...   here you go..  I'm back on pedal power!!  As the title states, the motorcycles are now put away for the winter season.  This means more time on the bicycles! 
It seems that blogs are now a thing of the past and everyone has moved on to other forms of social media.  I have become one of those people.  Writing seems to take a lot more effort than video blogging, aka vlogging, so I have made my way primarily to Youtube to post all my two-wheeled adventures.  Please check out my channel at and subscribe if you want to keep in touch.  I must say, the videos have been a lot more exciting than writing about all my adventures.  Hence, the lack of posts on this blog.
In the meantime, please enjoy my latest cycling video here...

So, what do you think about blogs?  Do you think they have become obsolete and the dinosaurs of the internet?  Let me know your thoughts on the comments.

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