Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Riding!

Finally we've got some snow!  It's been such a mild winter we've been having this year and all we've been getting is rain.  On the odd days that we've had some sunshine, I take every opportunity to go for my long bike rides.  Today was a little different..  in the last 2 days we've had a good deal of snow come down on us here on the Westcoast. AND the snow is actually sticking!  So, for the first time this winter, I was able to go on my first XC bike ride on the snow.  I must admit, this was probably my best ride this winter so far.  It was simply amazing.
With my iPhone in hand, I was able to take some videos and pictures of my bike ride.  Come join me on this epic, perfect, winter ride.

I hope the snow sticks around a little longer because I want to ride some more.  Our local mountains are getting dumped on so I'm quite excited about that too.  I'll be skiing when I'm not biking!

Happy Trails!

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