Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Miss Summer

As great as my winter bike rides have been, they have just been too little too few (for my taste).  I like my long rides, I like my exploration and discovering new places on my bikes.  Unfortunately, the days are too short during the winter and frankly, the weather has been miserable.  The rain out here on the Westcoast has been relentless, ugh. Add to the fact that the snow on our local mountains hasn't been great for my ski season makes me miss summer even more.
Today, I am sick and bed-ridden because of a flu.  Yes, this is my first official sick day in the last 2 years.  Getting 'sick', catching colds, flus etc. etc. used to be a common thing with me until about 2 years ago when I got into cycling.  Cycling does indeed help your immune system get stronger...  another factor that lead to a healthier living.  And with this in mind, I am confident that I will have this flu beat within 24hrs.  Now if only the rain would give us a break and give us stretches of dry sunny days of winter, then I would be a happy camper.
I long for spring, summer and fall to come soon enough so that I can resume my long rides and bike trips.  I have some big plans that I am finally setting in stone.

For now, I can only refer back to this video I made during Summer 2011 for a little bit of inspiration.

Oh Summer, can't you come any sooner?

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