Monday, December 5, 2011

Riding the Tallbike

I have something to admit to...  I am a dork.  A bike dork.  In the short period of time that I have been a 'born-again cyclist', I have collected and built 5 bicycles.  5 that I am willing to admit to that is.  I have bicycles ranging from full suspension XC bikes, to touring bikes and to a beautiful 65 year old vintage English roadster.  But having said that, I am truly not in the class of true Bicycle Dorks until I have acquired/built my very own Tallbike.  The 'dorkdom' is magnified compoundly with a tallbike!
Well, my friend has one and I am truly jealous.  I think my next bicycle project will be building my own tallbike this coming spring when it starts warming up.

I have never been on a bike ride where everyone has stared at us, honking and giving us thumbs ups and being cheered on by total strangers.  How cool is that?!

ps. This is a tallbike T-shirt that another friend of mine has.  He picked it up at The Gap in Calgary.  Now, we've searched through our local Old Navy and Gap stores here in the Greater Vancouver area and we could not find this shirt anywhere!  If you know of any places where we can pick this shirt up, or something similar, please leave me a note!

Cheers and ride on!

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