Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grey Cup Meets Mountains - Help Find some Memory Cards

Ok, this will be my last posting regarding the BC Lions winning the Grey Cup.  I thought I would pass this along to help in finding some memory SD cards that were lost containing most of the footage of the movie they are trying to make.
It is an amazing video and I would love to see it completed.  Here is the Youtube clip

Each November, the CFL awards the Grey Cup to the winners of the Championship game.
Every player of the winning team gets a day with the Cup.
December 5, 2011, James Yurichuk of the BC Lions got his day...
As a good Canadian kid, he did something special.
The pilot did something dumb.
On the eve December 5th, I lost 2 of the 3 small memory cards containing the best footage of our lives. 
Help complete the story. Help get the word out and let whoever found them know where they can return them...
They were 2, Blue, 16 GB SD Memory cards. The small square ones used in most digital cameras.
Thanks for your help!

Please help spread the word!

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