Friday, July 15, 2011

Cycling Across Canada for Charity

This past Monday I had the honour of spending a short time in the afternoon with two guys who are cycling across Canada for charity. Two kids I may add. Both 21 years old. They are both from Toronto area and have already cycled from TO to PEI on the first leg of their trip. From PEI they flew to Victoria and passed through here on Monday going on back to TO. I must say that I couldn't have been more envious of these 2 guys riding on the ultimate journey. Inspired isn't even enough of a word to describe how I felt. I wish I was out there with them right now.
Here is the website and blog of their adventure The link is the blog post for their trip passing through the greater Vancouver area on to Mission. They've just passed through Penticton/Kelowna right now according to their blog and will probably be in Alberta in a few days.

I think I'm set. This will be my goal in the next few years or however long it takes me. Ride across the country before I am no longer able. It's time to pick up the training.


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