Friday, August 3, 2012

Here I Go Again! Another Cycling Tour - Galiano Island, BC!

Fresh off my cycle tour of Victoria last weekend, once again I am off for another bike trip tomorrow for the BC Day long weekend!  But this time it will be different than last weekend's trip or from my previous bike trips.  This time, and for the very first time, I will have company with me! Yeah!  My buddy Matt has finally decided to join me on a bike tour and this weekend's plans should be a great start for someone new to cycle touring.  The distance is not too far, the ride is not too strenuous and the weather will be perfect, not too hot and no rain!  This is gonna be awesome.

Having company for the first time on my bike trip will be another experience to learn from.  Although I have known Matt for a long time and we have been on numerous day rides, it will still be a learning experience on how we would react if there are times of difficulty or having to rely on each other, or just about anything that comes with travelling with a companion.  I already know we get along well so that's the most important part, it's when times get tough that you really find out how you will interact with one another.  I don't foresee 'times' getting tough on this trip,  all I see is that it's gonna be a blast.

Tomorrow (Friday) night immediately after work, I start my first leg of the trip with a very short bike ride to Matt's parents' home to spend the night so that we may leave together the following day.  Saturday, we leave for the Tsawwassen Ferries and take the 1:50pm sailing to Galiano Island and find a campsite for the night.  We will spend all of Sunday riding around the island and camp once again over night.  Monday we will be going home.
This trip will be all about nature.  My last weekend's bike trip was to a city, and I camped at a friend's backyard.  This time we will mostly be in a more secluded location, on an island that has very few people.  I will not be bringing my laptop and there will be no Wifi available.  I am hoping to be mostly 'off the grid' and just enjoy what nature gives us.
So, the next blog update will not be until I get back.  I may use Twitter once in a while or I may not. I guess I can't be completely 'off the grid' if I plan to track this trip with my GPS.
Wish us luck.
Mayacycle Bicycle Trailer

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