Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Depression is setting in

It has been a week since I've had my ankle injury.  It has kept me from doing much of anything that I enjoy.  Stuck and hopping along inside my house for a whole week is a very depressing situation.  I can only imagine how those that are in worse shape than I am cope with being immobilized or incapacitated.
Not being able to ride my bike is killing me.  When days are nice, when the sun is out, all I could think about is pedaling wherever it may take me.  I am convinced that cycling is one of the best forms of medicine that can cure a lot of illnesses.  People often go to lengths to find solutions to their problems by going to doctors, therapists, gyms etc. People ask how can I be more healthy?..  go ride a bike.  How do I lose weight?..  go ride a bike.  How do I relieve stress from my day to day struggles?..  go and ride your bike!  and it goes on and on...
I will write more about this later on down the road but for now, being in front of the computer is actually making me sick.  I thought I would have more time in writing these blogs while I am stuck at home, but it's become quite the opposite.  The time is there, but the motivation is not.  As I've said, depression may be kicking in.

Having said that, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am walking around and the swelling has subsided to slight bruising.  This is critical as I am forced to go back in to work tomorrow.  My only concern right now is that I am unable to keep weight on the ankle for long periods of time.  I am hoping that this will get better in the next few days.  I have already given up my skiing even with a month left in the season, I do not want to screw up my ankle as I have a lot of plans over the spring/summer/fall that require for me to be in top shape. I can only wait for the day when I will be able to get back on the saddle again.

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